Blog post 27 Jun, 2019

PrimeKey is proud to announce SignServer 5.0 Community

SignServer 5 is the next generation SignServer with 48 issues resolved since SignServer Enterprise 4.4.1 and a total of 415 issues resolved since SignServer Community edition 4.0. From today you will be able to take advantage of the new server failover and load balancing functionality in the SignClient as well as leveraging the client side hashing feature for CMS/PKCS#7 detached signatures. In addition, with SignServer 5 we have done a major technology upgrade. Some more noteworthy updates are listed below.



  • Support for server failover and load balancing.
  • New feature to allow downloading SignClient in the same way as the Admin GUI.



  • Support for hashing on the client side for CMS/PKCS#7 detached signatures.
  • Support for configurable content OID in CMS signatures.
  • Support for DER encoding of CMS signatures.
  • Performance: Option to disable request hashing in the Plain Signer.



  • Optional inclusion of IssuerSerial in SigningCertificate in Time-stamp tokens.
  • Legacy option to encode the time-stamp tokens as before Bouncy Castle 1.50.
  • Legacy option to not include the RFC#6211 cmsAlgorithmProtection attribute in the token.



  • Support for running on WildFly 14 and JBoss EAP 7.
  • Support for running on Java 11.
  • Upgraded libraries and dependencies.
  • Stronger algorithms by default.
  • Restructured and improved documentation.

The full list of fixed issues is available in the Jira SignServer issue tracker.

For download link, documentation and contact information for mailing list and discussion forums, see:

Best Regards,
Markus Kilås,
Product Owner SignServer

on behalf of the PrimeKey SignServer Team