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About SignServer

SignServer is a platform for digitally signing code, documents and timestamps. It helps ensure that your signature keys are secure and your workflows are easy, safe, and auditable.


About SignServer

What is SignServer?

The SignServer signing software offers a comprehensive server-side signing solution with a wide range of signature plug-ins. It efficiently handles multiple signature use cases and allows organizations to manage them within a single installation. For enhanced security, signature keys are centrally stored, preferably within a Hardware Security Module (HSM), and users undergo authentication prior to signing.

Engineers widely appreciate this software as it supports projects at various stages, from prototyping to full deployment. Furthermore, scaling the software is effortless as it allows the addition of more instances, enabling infinite scalability.

With its robust features and flexibility, the SignServer signing software has gained significant popularity among engineers and organizations alike.

About SignServer

With SignServer, you can digitally sign code, documents, and timestamps. Integration capabilities make workflows easy, safe, and auditable, and we recommend using an HSM to secure your signing keys.

SignServer Community edition is an open-source project sponsored by Keyfactor and licensed under LGPL v2.1. The source code and container editions are available for free download. Moreover, SignServer is also available in an Enterprise edition, and a 30-day free trial is available on AWS and Azure marketplaces.

Community vs Enterprise edition

Using one central signing solution rather than multiple distributed signing islands allows for better management, higher security, and lower costs.

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Downloads per month

Why users choose SignServer

Start SignServer Container with Client Certificate Authenticated Access

Get started quickly

By downloading our containers or building from source. Get started with videos and documentation online.


Flexible for your use case

Covers all your signing use cases in one solution, including code, firmware, container signing as well as standard document signing and timestamping services.

Automated signature workflows and cryptographic operations

Automated signature workflows and cryptographic operations

Integrates well with your CI/CD pipeline tool, firmware build process, document workflow engine, identity and authorization platform, or any other business application via standard interfaces.

SignServer integration

Grow with your needs

Convert to SignServer Enterprise or Signum, when your signing service requires SLAs, security and audit proof configurations or an alternative deployment option such as hardware or software appliance, SaaS, cloud, or a combination. Try SignServer Enterprise cloud edition for free for 30 days.

SignServer on AWS

SignServer on Azure

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History of SignServer

The first version of SignServer was released by PrimeKey* in 2005 when new signing solutions were needed for the then-new biometric passports, an area that required private key protection. PrimeKey offered consultancy services around the open-source product until the Enterprise edition was developed and released in 2012.

During the years since then, SignServer has grown to support many signature types and has become a very popular server-side signature solution. The Community edition is available as prebuilt binaries, containers, or source code. 

SignServer Enterprise edition is ideal for organizations that require guaranteed stability and support as well as a more advanced signature solution. In addition, SignServer Enterprise can be deployed as software or hardware appliances and on AWS or Azure cloud.

*As of June 2021, PrimeKey is a part of Keyfactor

Female developer SignServer

SignServer is a favorite among engineers because it's so versatile. From prototyping to deployment, it's highly flexible at every stage.

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