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Deploy SignServer with Ansible

We provide a collection of Ansible playbooks to use with SignServer and integrations. Both Community and Enterprise versions of SignServer are supported. Using these Ansible playbooks, you can easily get SignServer up and running, including a complete technology stack.


Ansible Playbooks ensure consistent and secure SignServer deployments

Ansible can help ensure that your SignServer deployments are consistent and repeatable across different environments including test environments and systems, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies. 

The SignServer Ansible playbooks have been developed as open-source playbooks to make it easier for you to get started with SignServer, and we encourage everyone to share and contribute back any improvements or alternative solutions so that we all have the most optimal and secure deployment possible. 

How to get started

This playbook is available on GitHub combining EJBCA and SignServer:

  • ansible_ejbca_signsrv – For use with the EJBCA & SignServer Community or the Enterprise version to install and configure EJBCA CA, external RA, & external VA, or only standalone CA without deploying external RA/VA, and SignServer.
Ansible Playbooks SignServer



Using Ansible to Automate PKI and Signing deployment and configuration.


Read More about Deploying PKI and Signature Services in DevOps Environments.


View our EJBCA and SignServer Ansible playbook Tech days workshop from 2021 to get into our playbooks.


Join our discussions to ask questions and share ideas.

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