JArchive CMS Signer

ENTERPRISE EDITION This is a SignServer Enterprise Edition (EE) feature.

The signer has the fully qualified c lass name: org.signserver.module.jarchive.signer.JArchiveCMSSigner.


The JArchive CMS signer is a special-purpose version of the extended CMS signer with default values suitable for JAR signing. This is intended for use with client-side hashing, where a client does the hashing of the original file and requests this hash to be signed by SignServer, giving a resulting signature which is then inserted into the resulting output file by the client.

This signer has all the properties of the Extended CMS Signer, and thus also of the CMS Signer.

For more information on background and how to use this signer, see Client-Side Hashing.

Available Properties




Same as the property in the CMS Signer but with TRUE as the default value.