Worker Status Summary Page

Displays the status of a worker in text format in the same way as in the AdminCLI.

Typical Information



Worker status

Active or Offline depending on if the configuration is correct and the token is active. Shows Disabled if the worker property DISABLED=true, see Other properties.

Token status

Active or Offline depending on if the crypto token has been correctly activated or not.


Number of signatures that has been created using the currently configured key (assuming that the key usage counter is enabled).


Lists any configuration errors or other errors that would prevent the worker from functioning.

If there is any errors listed here, the worker status would be Offline and the worker might not function until the problem has been addressed.

Different worker implementations might provide other information.

Worker Actions




Opens the activation page.


Opens the deactivation page.

Renew Key

Opens the key generation page.

Test Key

Opens the test key page.

Generate CSR

Opens the certificate signing request page.

Install Certificates

Opens the certificate installation page.

Renew Signer

Opens the automatic renewal page.

Destroy Key

Opens the key removal page.


Opens the worker removal page.

Reload from Database

Opens the reload from database page.


Opens the export page.