News 16 Jan, 2020

PrimeKey acquires Crypto Workshop

PrimeKey believes that digital transformation necessitates PKI use almost everywhere. As security becomes one of the most important concerns, both to enterprises and governmental agencies, PrimeKey continues its strong commitment to deliver core enabling technologies related to PKI. With this acquisition, PrimeKey accomplishes its offering to cover the complete software stack needed both for PKI-related as well as general applications that use cryptography.

“PrimeKey is trusted by many governments and large enterprises around the world. To put it simply, this acquisition is about securing the supply chain. This is very important to our customers, who put a lot of trust in our team and our products. Further, we see possibility for tighter coordination with our enterprise and governmental customers, who can expect an improved level of support and engagement,” said Magnus Svenningson, PrimeKey CEO.

PrimeKey and Crypto Workshop have worked together for several years. As many know, PrimeKey’s flagship products, EJBCA® and SignServer, use the Bouncy Castle libraries. PrimeKey is delighted to get an office in Australia and widen its team with talents from Crypto Workshop – custodians and the commercial force behind Bouncy Castle, one of the most widely used FIPS-certified Java/C# library, which was used as the basis for Java Cryptography in Android, and applications such as the Australian Government’s AUSKey project.

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PrimeKey acquires Crypto Workshop