News 10 Aug, 2021

SignServer Enterprise 5.7 has been released

The PrimeKey SignServer team is pleased to announce the release of SignServer 5.7.0.

This release introduces support for PAdES and XAdES signature formats including all ETSI Baseline levels complying with EU eIDAS regulation for Advanced Electronic Signatures.

In the code signing area, SignServer 5.7 adds support for Microsoft CAT file signing. Further, the RSASSA-PSS algorithm is now supported for use with client-side hashing, relevant for firmware signing use cases, among others.

Release highlights include:

  • PAdES Signature Format
  • XAdES Signature Format
  • Microsoft CAT File Signing
  • RSASSA-PSS with Client-Side Hashing Supported in P11NG

Read the full SignServer 5.7 Release Notes.


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