News 18 Jun, 2019

SignServer Enterprise now available in the Cloud

SignServer Enterprise now available in the Cloud

After the successful cloud release of PrimeKey’s PKI software EJBCA Enterprise, it is now time for the next step: SignServer Enterprise Cloud.

SignServer Enterprise Cloud gives you easy access to server-side signing of code, documents and time-stamping. With the launch of SignServer Enterprise Cloud, you are now able to deploy SignServer in a manner that best suits your organizational needs; as flexible software, robust Appliance, efficient Cloud or in a hybrid solution. No matter your needs, you can now easily centralize all your cryptographic signing operations with SignServer Enterprise, ensuring both security and efficiency.

We have had a great interest for EJBCA Enterprise Cloud with a steadily increasing demand, so it is with pride that we launch SignServer Enterprise Cloud. With just a few clicks you’re up and running to sign your code, sign your documents, place time-stamps, sign your travel documents and more. SignServer Enterprise Cloud really is ‘signing made easy.’

– Jonatan Bunne, VP Sales

In the first launch, SignServer Enterprise Cloud is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. PrimeKey is currently looking at extending the offer to additional cloud services to meet the high demand for PKI in the cloud.

As to ensure robust security, SignServer Enterprise Cloud integrates with the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated AWS CloudHSM. You can also combine SignServer Enterprise Cloud with a standard on-premises HSM (Hardware Security Module).

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