Contribute to SignServer

How to contribute to SignServer

The normal process for contributing patches is:

  • Contributor sends patches, under the LGPLv2.1+ license, to the signserver-develop mailing list.
  • Someone on the SignServer core team will review them, when there is time, and if needed suggest improvements.
  • If it is a useful and generic feature it will be integrated in SignServer to be available in a later release.

Contributors are asked if they want to have their name and optional contact information listed on the contributors page (this page).

If you are not a committer in SVN we are glad to accept patches. You can send us patches either in diff format (svn diff) or created with an IDE. You can also send us complete files that you have changed, we can see the diffs in our IDE.

For instructions on building and developing SignServer, refer to the SignServer documentation Developer Reference.


SignServer Contributors

Here’s a list of contributors of the SignServer project.

  • Henrik Andréasson, kinneh(at), Project initiator.
  • Philip Vendil, herrvendil(at), Former main developer of the framework.
  • Lars Silvén, lars(at), SSL-RMI parts and the possibility to have custom web front end.
  • Tomas Gustavsson, tomas(at), Core developer, PDF Signer, PKCS11 sign token, Improved the TSA client with more arguments, MRTD SOD signer, etc etc.
  • Markus Kilås, markus(at), Core developer, XML Signer/validator, MRTD SOD signer, etc etc.
  • Ezizmuhammed Muhamedkuliyev, rayback2(at), OOXML, ODF Signer/validator, PDF signer, CRL/OCSP validators.
  • Christophe Sahut, christophe.sahut(at), Install howto for SignServer 3.1 on RHEL systems. See doc/howtos.
  • Bruno Bonfils, French install howto for SignServer 3.2. See
  • Marcus Lundblad, marcus.lundblad(at), Core developer, Down-for-maintenance support, archiving of time-stamp requests, etc etc.
  • Antoine Louiset, antoine.louiset(at), installation package for SignServer 3.2 on Debian. See doc/howtos.
  • Luis Maia, lmaia(at), XAdES Signer.
  • Pablo Ruiz García, pablo.ruiz(at), Detached signature option in CMS Signer.
  • Vinay Singh, Former Core developer.
  • Jaime Hablutzel, Initial patch with crypto token support for Azure Key Vault.



Kambi Sports Solutions has kindly donated a left over Meinberg PCI GPS clock to the SignServer project. The GPS clock will be used to demonstrate how to set up SignServer as Time-stamp authority and integrate it with a GPS clock on a GNU/Linux server.

Thanks to Lezgin Bakircioglu for making this possible.