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Download SignServer Community

Download SignServer and secure your digital signature process today. SignServer allows you to sign documents, code, and timestamps, and supports multiple signing formats and standards. You can download it from your preferred repository.


Docker Hub

Deploy SignServer Community with ease using our Docker container on Docker Hub. Enjoy a simplified and streamlined deployment process that gets you up and running quickly.


Download the latest release of SignServer Community or access our source code repository on GitHub. Then get involved in discussions, report any issues, and contribute to the development of the software.

Download SignServer container from AWS

SignServer Community can be downloaded as an up-to-date, secure, and ready-to-deploy container solution from the AWS marketplace.

Try SignServer Cloud

Discover SignServer Enterprise with a free 30-day trial available on both Azure and AWS marketplaces. Experience how the advanced features and benefits of SignServer Enterprise can enhance your digital signature solutions.


SignServer can be downloaded from SourceForge. We would however recommend using GitHub for source code download as it is our long-term strategy for source code publication and maintenance.

Download from SourceForge

Download type Download GitHub file PGP signature Download SHA-512
signserver-ce-6.2.0.Final-bin.zip PGP SHA-512
Source and
signserver-ce-6.2.0.Final.zip PGP SHA-512

Verification of Downloads

Please use the SHA-512 hashes provided below or the OpenPGP signatures to verify the downloads before installing them. For the OpenPGP keys see SignServer Keys.

Get started with SignServer

Find out how to get started with SignServer for your use case.

Get the highest flexibility and security with SignServer Enterprise, including support and maintenance.