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SignServer 5.0.0.Final is now available for download:
Download SignServer 5.0.0 from SourceForge

(recommended): PGP SHA-512 2516a97afb57a6d45a9043511e817ce650e8a38945f57a4cf777fc91ac87bfe123c6192929d95944164298f05170713af3df821241e45f9d1154164b1c956b6a
Source and
dependencies: PGP SHA-512 37fcacbb38d5f52286fd1845f2ce5da9a0b18e4ed4b900226db777e65695557e5211adcf5b0756b970a0e879f5760390f810c603a8a846132e5bbff5842bfdee

Verification of Downloads

Please use the SHA-256 hashes provided above or the OpenPGP signatures to verify the downloads before installing them. For the OpenPGP keys see SignServer Keys.

Source Code Repository

You can find all the sources of SignServer releases in our Subversion source code repository.

Check out the code using a simple svn command. For example, to check out the current code for the SignServer development tree.

svn co

SignServer Enterprise

SignServer Enterprise ensures the highest quality of your PKI implementation by giving you access to PrimeKey support and maintenance. To learn about the other differences between SignServer Community and SignServer Enterprise, visit