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Quantum-ready code signing

As of right now, SignServer supports ML_DSA (Dilithium) and SLH-DSA (SPHINCS+) algorithms for CMS and raw signing.



Considerations for Migrating to New Algorithms and Ensuring Compatibility

Migrating to new quantum-ready cryptography algorithms requires careful evaluation of existing solutions and properly optimizing the environment. As a developer, you must take into consideration:

  • Which algorithms have broad compatibility
  • Use case-specific requirements
  • The benefits and complexities of hybrid certificates
  • How to operationalize (i.e system architecture, infrastructure needs, HSM support, and protocol compatibility
  • Which legacy systems may need “isolation” and be front-ended with enhanced security

You can also read more here:

Get ready for Quantum-ready Cryptography



Seamless support for Quantum-ready PKI and signing

The reality is that there are still many unanswered questions, and it will take some time before all the pieces fall into place. SignServer and EJBCA offer a seamless solution for quantum-safe signing and signing certificates alongside the existing PKI and signing environment. This ensures a smooth experience with minimal disruption to your current infrastructure. You can begin experimenting with the technology and gradually understand its relevance to your specific environment over time.

Currently, ML-DSA (Dilithium) and SHL-DSA (SPHINCS+) are supported in SignServer for CMS and raw signing.

EJBCA supports ML-DSA (Dilithium) and NL-DSA (Falcon) algorithms for Root CAs, Issuing CAs, and End entities. 

Check out our how-tos and video on:

  • Issue ML-DSA code signing certificate with EJBCA and sign code in SignServer
  • Create a hybrid certificate using the Bouncy Castle Kotlin project

Please note, that the final standard for the selected quantum-safe algorithms is planned to be released by NIST in early 2024. Until then, we recommend not to use the algorithms in production environments. 


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Code signing

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